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End of Winter Term

Since moving to campus housing, I have been raising awareness to other adults that housing is available for them at DePaul (and one of the reasons for this blog). This is my 3rd term at DePaul and since that time I have been able to help 3 other adults move into the university’s housing.  If… Read More »

It’s a well deserved winter break!!!

This past year was a very intense and productive year for me.  It was also a very challenging one as my father passed away just before finals (last November), then it was the holidays and a few months later it was my son’s wedding.   It’s so hard doing this without my father as he was… Read More »

Paying it Forward in Chicago

This morning I got all bundled up in anticipation for the sting of the Chicago winter.  I have it all.  Layers, north face head band, hooded puffy north face jacket, warm scarf, touch screen gloves with fuzzy wrist band and UGG boats.  I’m warm right?  True.  But as I’m standing at the corner of State and… Read More »

Why DePaul?

I was recently asked the question as to why I chose DePaul to finish up my college degree and the quick answer to that is because I felt after my research that their adult program was the most flexible, unique, diverse and brilliantly planned for adults success.  Better than any other program I looked into. For… Read More »


 Grateful I need to shout out about how lucky and grateful I am to have such great supporters in my life.  First off, my family of course, they have been my biggest cheerleaders from the beginning.  In fact, it was them who encouraged me to go with my decision to move on campus.  It all… Read More »


There are many advantages to being my age and in college.  For one, I have already been 19 or 22 so I don’t have all the temptations that someone at that age has living here.  With that in mind, there are many strategies that work in my favor.  My first strategies which I learned very… Read More »


I have not written in weeks as I have been so busy moving and all the while attending my first two weeks back to school.  Its harder than when I was in my  late teens and early 20’s because I just don’t have the energy I did then.  I moved in the weekend of the… Read More »